Hurghada: Sindbad Submarine 3-Hour Tour

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Backup your Hurghada holiday with a touch of adventure by embarking on a captivating underwater excursion aboard the Sinbad Submarine. Experience the thrill of a unique and entertaining journey beneath the Red Sea’s surface, adding an unforgettable dimension to your vacation.

Sindbad Submarine 3-Hour Tour

Your 3-hour adventure commences with a convenient hotel pickup, followed by a transfer to the pier where your undersea exploration will unfold. Step aboard the remarkable Sindbad Submarine, the Middle East’s only submarine, boasting a capacity for 44 passengers and led by a skilled 2-pilot crew.

Descend to 20 meters beneath the waves and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing underwater realm. Marvel at the breathtaking coral formations and the kaleidoscope of tropical fish that call these depths home. Whether you’re an experienced diver or a first-time explorer, the wonders of the deep await your discovery.


Your adventure commences with a convenient pickup from your Hurghada hotel, setting the tone for an exhilarating experience.

Arrive at the pier and step onto the Sindbad Submarine, an exceptional vessel designed for underwater exploration.

As the submarine descends to 20 meters, prepare to be awed by the underwater realm. Marvel at the vibrant coral formations and teeming marine life.

Resurface from the depths and disembark from the submarine, cherishing the memories of your unique journey.

Conclude your Sinbad Submarine experience with a comfortable return to your hotel, reliving the magic of your underwater adventure.


Absolutely! The Sinbad Submarine offers a unique opportunity to explore the underwater world without needing scuba diving skills.

Yes, the submarine is a safe and exciting experience for both adults and children.

Remember to wear comfortable clothing and bring sunglasses for your adventure.

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